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Styrene-butadiene synthetic rubber SBR1705 (SKS-30 ARKM-15), OFF-GRADE

Appearance bales, 25kg +/- 0,7
Mooney viscosity 1+4 (100 0C) 36
Tensile strength, MPa (kgf/cm2) 24,2 min
Elongation at break, % 720
Drying loss, % 0,16 max
Ash, Wt, % 0,43 max
APPLICATION: In non-colored rubber-technical products manufacture, used in industry, also in automobile tyres for lining of light side-frames. Can replace up to 30% of virgin SBR1705.
PACKING: Bales are packaged in 2-layers of polyethylene film and four- layer paper bags or in one-layer polyethylene film and placed in wooden pallets or in corrugated cardboard of 450 kg. Loading capacity: 21.6 MT per 40 FCL
GUARANTEED SHELF LIFE: 1 year from the date of production
PRICE: USD 2000/MT FOB Novorossiysk port, Russia
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