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RADEX EMI 50 Detector of Electric and Magnetic fields

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Equipment to estimate the parameters of the magnetic and electric fields
  • Detector of Electric and Magnetic fields RADEX EMI 50
Detector RADEX EMI 50 is designed to be used by general public for the purpose of detection and localization of Electro Magnetic danger zones in residential and public premises. Using this device allows consumers to identify and prevent the negative influence of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of industrial frequency on the human health. The range of measurable values of magnetic and electric fields of industrial frequency parameters (50 Hz) conforms to the following regulations and the regulated maximum permissible levels (MPL):
  • SanPiN "Sanitary-epidemiological requirements for residential buildings and premises";
  • SanPiN "Electromagnetic fields in a production conditions";
  • SanPiN 2.2.2/2.4.1340-03 "Hygienic requirements for personal computing machinery and organization of work";
  • CH 2971-84 "Protection of the population from exposure to the electric field created by the overhead power transmission lines of the AC current of industrial frequency;
  • GN 2.1.8/ "Maximum permissible levels of magnetic fields of 50 Hz in residential and public buildings and residential areas".
    The design of the indicator meets the requirements of GOST R52319 and GOST R51522-99
    This device, in accordance with the specifications 10.KR. TU is related to indicators of EMF and is not subject to mandatory confirmation/calibration.
    Indicator RADEX EMI50 does not contain high-voltage sources and is not connected to electricity. Use of this device is safe.
    Technical specifications

    Range of measurable frequencies


        from 47 to 53
    Range of mean-square electric field voltage values
    kV/m from 0,15 to 10
    Range of mean-square magnetic induction values
    mcTl 0,1 up to 10
    Limits of assumed basic relative error of EMF vector values, not more than
    % ±40
    Levels of audio alarm turning on:
    for electric field
    kV/m 0,5
    for magnetic field
    mcTl 5
    Time of turning on of the working mode, max minutes
    minutes 1
    Power supply: batteries of AA (LR6) type
    piece 2
    Time of detector continuous work with 2 AA (LR6) type batteries of 2 Ah min, h.*
    Data amount of nonvolatile memory, up to
    Overall dimensions, mm max
    Detector weight (without batteries), max
    kg 0,18



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