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How to Buy

  1. After preliminary communication, once the order quantity/volume, price, delivery and payment terms are agreed on, we (the Seller) would require from Buyer LOI , and in case of payment by L/C - BCL .
  2. Upon Draft Contract agreement, a final Contract is issued and signed by both parties - the Seller and the Buyer
  3. Seller issues Proforma Invoice
  4. Buyer initiates payment (T/T or  L/C)
  5. Upon all the conditions are met the payment is made. In case of the payment is by T/T the loading commences only upon 100% prepayment is executed. In case of the payment is by L/C, upon the final loading of the ship all of the documents together with the bill of the lading (B/L, Railways Bill or CMR) are presented to the bank .


Upon receiving LOI and BCL in some cases , we can send a sample of the product directly to the Buyer upon request. The Seller will bear the cost of the sample and the cost of sample's delivery. However, please note, no sample will ever be from the same bag, batch, silo, consignment and order or shipment.

Document sample downloads
  1. LOI - Letter Of  Intent
  2. BCL - Bank Capability Letter

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