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Coal-tar creosote


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Creosote Coal Tar Oil for wood treatment / impregnation



                      GOST2770-74, Russia


                 BS 144, type 2, UK

Benzo - a - Pyrene Concentration, mg/kg
 not rated  500 max
Insoluble in Toluene, %, max
 0,4 max
Residue at 35° C 
 Should not be sludge when stored @ 30⁰C
Phenols water extractible, %
 not rated
 5 - 20 
Distillation, (v/v), %
Up to 210°C, max
 5 max ( up to 205°C)
Up to 275°C, within the limits
 10 - 35
 5 - 30 (  up to 230°C)
Up to 315°C, within the limits
 30 - 50
 40 - 78 (  up to 355°C)
Up to 360°C, min
 73 - 90  up to 355°C)
Water content (v/v), %, max
Flash point, °C
 105°  (°C, Cleveland open cup)
 61 min (°C, Pensky-Martens closed tester)
Viscosity, max 
 1,3 E0 (Engler degree) max, at 80° C  1003 - 1108 ( at 38° C)
 From dark brown to black
 From dark brown to black

Results explanation:

  • The difference in indications is due to methodology used according to the standard applied:

-  in both standards distillation recovery test is performed at different temperatures;

-  the density according to GOST standard is measured at 20⁰C, while according to

    BS 144 – at 32⁰C;

-  According to GOST the flash point is measured by Cleveland open cup method, while in

    BS 144 standard, Pensky-Martens closed tester method is used;

  • for Viscosity test results collation, to be applied conversion of Engler units at 80°C into kinematic mm2/s at 40° C.
  • For the properties “not rated” according to GOST standard, the SGS test report is supplied on request.

Verification of assay results executed by SGS has shown proper matching of properties tested.

We are able to produce Creosote oil according to customer's specifications requirements (NOTE: Quality Specification is subject to prior confirmation by factory laboratory). Minimum order quantity for customized quality 500MT per batch. 

Creosote and/or coal tar creosote are complex mixtures of coal tar derivatives. Like petrol, they are mixtures of hundreds of distinct chemicals rather than one specific chemical They are commonly used as wood preservatives for use against wood-destroying insects and wood-rotting fungi.
In what type of products CREOSOTE is used?
Creosote and/or coal tar creosote has been used for the preservation of wood in the for many years.
What legislation controls the marketing and use of CREOSOTE in EU?
REACH - In 2003, the European Directive 76/769/EEC (the 'Marketing and Use Directive') sought to protect human health and the environment in the Member States by restricting the use of dangerous substances and preparations. This has now been replaced by the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 (as amended). The restrictions on the use of creosote and creosote treated wood imposed under the REACH regulation are detailed in Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation [9] (search for ‘creosote’).

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